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At TreeTown Murals we believe mural art should reflect the community it lives in, in addition to encouraging community involvement and economic development.

I believe a mural becomes a symbol of our community, home, or business by defining our views, goals, and attitudes. By bringing mural art into our personal spaces and neighborhoods we stand out as a people who make art and creative expression apart of our daily lives. Like landmarks, murals become a source of pride for families, businesses, and communities alike. Murals have a way of touching all of us on a very personal and individual level. They can be purely aesthetic and uplifting or incredibly socially transformative. Our stories and legacies stand stronger because of mural making throughout history.  This is how we leave our mark on society. This is how we evoke change and educate our children. I look forward to serving communities for years to come by creating murals and by continuing to foster the connection between people and there surroundings. – -Mary Thiefels, Founder 

The TreeTown Murals Team

At TreeTown Murals we have had the opportunity of working with some very talented individuals! Click the images below to learn more about the TTM team.

Mary Thiefels – Founder

  John Vance

Sarah Winter

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