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Apprenticeship Opportunities
"The Gang" @ Community Health Center Mural TreeTown Murals offers opportunities for apprentices to assist during the entire mural process.
Alupanel Process
TreeTown Murals uses only the highest quality materials for your mural whether it's an interior or exterior project.  Follow some of the links below to further investigate the products and materials used in developing your unique mural.
  • Alupanel: USED AS AN EXTERIOR SUBSTRATE OR AN OPTIONAL INTERIOR PAINTING SURFACE. Alupanel is aluminum composite material composed of two strong sheets of .020" aluminum with a polyethylene core. This exterior metal panel cladding is often seen on office buildings, public venues, convention centers, green buildings, hospitals, and hotels. It is recommended as a lightweight, easy to install sign or mural painting surface in addition to its industrial appeal. It will with stand environmental temperature changes from -55°F to +175°F. The Alupanel is superior; it can be shaped and cut very easily. It’s weight and durability is making it a popular surface alternative to wood and metal.
  • TreeTown Murals stands by this material and has used aluminum composite material in past interior and exterior projects. (see the Corner Health Center mural, the Chelsea 175th mural and Jerusalem Garden murals as some examples)
  • The Alupanel is primed with Zinsser 1,2,3 aluminum primer.
  • The mural or sign itself will be painted with interior/exterior mural paint called Nova Color. I have chosen Nova Color for color intensity, low VOC, UV protection, climate durability, and user friendly clean up.

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