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Have you ever had a mural idea for a wall, nook, or cranny in your home?!

By bringing wall decor or a mural painting into your personal space you are turning a blank wall into a canvas of possibilities. Murals in your home can be subtle and complimentary to your existing interior design or totally transform your environment by taking you on a vacation to anywhere in the world. Enliven your dining room, kitchen, kid’s room or playroom, basement hideaway, living room, family room, or home office with color and imagery bringing joy into your daily life.

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Transform your personal space.

Children's Rooms

Bring your child’s favorite characters alive.
Personal Space Murals: How a consultation is set up and the process behind it… Set up an appointment for a FREE in home consultation. The process of developing an in-home mural can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience. As an artist that has been doing murals for private homes and individual setting for that past 10 years, I believe that we can get your ideas and concepts into a beautiful and long lasting addition to your homes visual aesthetics. Here is how it works: I will come and personally meet with you, photograph and take measurements of the perspective planned spaces, places, and rooms in your home where you would like your mural. Then, the design possibilities will be discussed and recommendations will be made, one on one, to get your ideas, out and onto the wall – as a wonderful mural. Based on this initial meeting, I will put together an estimate and draw up the first of two possible sketches for your approval. Together, we will develop a reasonable time line for the proposed mural project, before the painting begins. Here is how the pricing will work for your project: TreeTown Murals requires a 15% deposit from the total estimate to be paid in advance for the design work. Half of the remaining balance, after the deposit is paid, is required before the work begins, the second half is due within 2 weeks after the completion your mural. Project time lines differ based on the detail and overall size of your actual mural; estimated total time from design to finished work is typically 3 to 6 weeks.

“We absolutely love the mural Mary has created for our little boy’s playroom. Mary was a pleasure to work with and her artistic talent and resourcefulness are truly impressive. She listened carefully to our ideas, looked at photos from our travels to Southeast Asia, conducted her own research into exotic temples, flowers and animals and translated everything into what is both a perfect reflection of our vision as well as a gorgeous original piece of art.” Anonymous, Private Residence, Ann Arbor, MI

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