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Ann Arbor Open Mural Project
Fall/winter 2013-14

Ann Arbor Open offers a radical educational alternative to students, teachers, and parents in the Ann Arbor Public School District. Parents and Teachers founded Ann Arbor Open in the belief that children come to school already immersed in their learning and have their own strengths and interests. We seek to support the individual and provide guidance, stimulation, and support. Ann Arbor Open strives to be a leading educational force in open education.

Working within this philosophy, TTM was invited to facilitate a school wide participatory mural project.  Most of the student population, staff, and parents were invited to weigh in.  The result is what you see!  You are looking at a larger view of Ann Arbor, the river, forests and hills, within each layer, the students painted in what they might find inside that particular system.  The larger figures symbolize the 8th graders “jumping out” and the kindergartners “jumping in.”


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