Discover how you too can have beautiful Mural Art for your home, business or city.

TreeTown Murals, founded by artist Mary Thiefels, two-time recipient of Ann Arbor, MI’s Golden Paint Brush Award for public art excellence, is ever expanding. Each new commission brings a unique, fresh and engaging mural art experience to companies, communities, and you!

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Murals - Personal Spaces

TreeTown Murals - Interior Home Mural

Have you ever had a mural idea for a wall, nook, or cranny in your home?

By bringing wall decor or a mural painting into your personal space you are turning a blank wall into a canvas of possibilities. Murals in your home can be subtle and complimentary to your existing interior design or they can totally transform your environment by taking you on a vacation to anywhere in the world.

Enliven your dining room, kitchen, child's bedroom or playroom, basement hideaway, living room, family, room, or home office with color and imagery that will bring joy into your daily life.

The process of developing an in-home mural is a rewarding and fulfilling experience. As a company that has been doing unique, one of a kind murals, for over 10 years; we believe that your ideas and concepts can be integrated into a beautiful and long lasting addition to your personal space.

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Murals - Private Businesses

A Mural in your office or on the side of your building will allow your company to stand out with a unique and creative expression that will define the character of your business. TreeTown Murals can enlarge your company logo on any wall or surface or create a unique painting or mural for the interior or the exterior of your space.

Murals become an extension of your company's vision, stimulate business, and create an energizing work environment. In addition to aesthetic enhancement, make creating a mural with your staff a part of a team building opportunity.

TreeTown Murals will help you design and then facilitate the execution of a mural, paint-by-number in style, so all those participating can make there mark and be a part of the process. Have a staff appreciation activity day and create a work of art in the process!

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Murals - Public Art

TreeTown Murals believes public mural art should reflect the community it lives in, in addition to encouraging community involvement and economic development.

Your public mural painting will become a symbol of your community by defining the views, goals, and attitudes of the residents and visitors alike. By bringing mural art into our public spaces and neighborhoods we stand out as a community who takes pride in the fact that art is an important part of our daily lives.

A public mural can capture your communities history while looking towards the future, bring beauty and safety to a blighted area, in addition to transforming any space into an aesthetically uplifting environment.

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